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Hand2Note is the most innovative poker HUD on the market used by many of the pro players you will face online. It is not a cheap HUD but it's well worth the money! You always get what you pay for, you pay a little and you get a crappy software that is not updated regularly and is buggy. You pay a fair price like what Hand2Note offers and you get a beast! This is the bottom line, you pay more and get more - more winnings, more money more poker-glory:)

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About Hand2Note

Hand2Note offers fast and easy to use poker HUD tracker for all the popular poker rooms and apps. The list includes over 50 of our favorite sites and apps. To mention a few: PokerStars, 888Poker, America's Card Room, Poker Master, Adda52, Winamax and many more. Check out the official website for the full current list. is one of the best known and used poker HUD trackers at the moment. Their plans are billed monthly but you can get a discount if you pay yearly. Of course you will save 10% instantly with the coupon code posted above;) This coupon can be used on all plans they offer and works on monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Hand2Note promo code

Of course you know that there are many other poker HUD software available. Some are free (Hand2Note do have a free plan that is fully functional as well!) and some are paid. The biggest benefit of H2N is that you can pay monthly - just $9 - and see the full power of this application. The main competitors will run you $100+ and don't even offer as many stats as Hand2Note does. Well over 500 in-depth stats will be available at your finger tips with a paid H2N plan - no other poker tracker comes even close to offering that many! And the other guys do NOT support as many rooms neither, especially not as many Asian poker sites and apps. None of them have a coupon code neither, lol - they all make you pay full price!

Hand2Note return policy

If you are not completely satisfied with the software just cancel your plan within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked, no hassle. You get 30 full days to test, play and customize it to your liking.

Hand2note is a user-friendly and a powerful poker calculator that is uniquely designed and developed to support an impressive number of casino games. hand2note does not have any in-built design. The main app that you need to download is a notepad with a word processing tool. hand2note gives the user full control over his own data. Basically, the user can share the data with the competitors, which will help them to strategize and manage their profits. Hand2note has most attractive features like real time scoring, and many other - over 500 stats are right on your screen.

Hand2Note Features

It is a full-featured online poker calculator with powerful features. Hand2note is capable of accurate performance tracking for online poker games.

Who should buy hand2note?hand2note is an alternative to other poker internet aids that you can find on the market. One of the main features of hand2note is that it is easy to use and provides accurate tracking of your poker sessions. This tool can also be very useful when you are preparing for a live cash game or a sit n go. There is also a decent security feature implemented in hand2note that you need to take into account. All data is stored only in the palm of your hand and is protected by 256-bit AES encryption technology. This means that any sort of government abuse cannot be made possible.

How does hand2note work?

The software comes with a friendly interface and it has all the features that you would expect from such a tool. All the online poker sites that use hand2note track all the important information. What are the pros and cons of this product?

Pros: The price tag is definitely one of the pros of this product. It is definitely not the cheapest product but has some great benefits. hand2note is in-app and can be used without any internet connection.

Cons: When it comes to the interface, this product is not as easy to use as others. The interface is just too complicated. This product is designed with the noobs in mind. This is not a product for the noobs. hand2note – one of the best poker hud tracker apps. As for its drawbacks, users are not going to be able to log into the software every time they need to use it. You need to log in manually every time you want to use the software. This is the downside of this product.

As far as the requirements go, you need to have the Windows operating system to use this product.


Hand2Note is a highly robust product with powerful features and incredible design. It is designed to help you improve your hand to hand ratio. It works with 50+ different poker applications and a slew of tournaments all around the globe. Trust us when we say that Hand2Note is an indispensable tool to help you improve your poker winnings ratio. At the time of this review, the good folks from Hand2Note sent over a free version of the product for us to give out to our readers. Since this review will discuss how we feel about the software, we won't be able to include any strings or credits to the product. We highly recommend you to purchase this product as it helps to improve your winnings, even if you're not playing poker right now.

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