Using a poker HUD when poker online is the new norm. If you play and don't use one - you are at a great risk of losing more often. Your opponents are probably using one and so should you!

So what exactly is a poker HUD? As described here :

"The term “poker HUD” stands for “Heads-Up Display” and is a little piece of software that collects data on how your opponents have played in the past. This data is displayed as an overlay with multiple stats at the top of the table next to each of your opponents. Poker HUDs can help you make better and more informed decisions on how to play a certain hand – check, bet, or fold are much easier choices with the help of this tracking software. If you’ve never used a HUD before you will be surprised how predictable some of your competitors are. Having this crucial piece of information can lead to winning more at cash games and tournaments."

    Now in 2022 there are plenty of HUDs to choose from. Depending on what website you play and what stakes you can try quit a few of them, and most are free. The most popular are:
  • Poker Tracker
  • Holdem Manager
  • Drive hud
  • Co pilot
  • Hand2Note
  • Jivaro
  • Easy PokerHUD

What can a poker tracking software be helpful with?

- Collect and analyze deep statistics behind your opponents' play as well as your own in real-time. Everything from basic statistics such as VPIP and PFR to most complex information available online is right at your fingertips.

- Instantly retrieve information on players you're sitting with including ROI, average buy-ins, win/ loss histories, finishing positions, and much more - even if you've never played with them before. We track over 30 million players and draw from a pool of over 500 million unique tournament results. Get stats for all the major sites like PokerStars, ACR, 888poker and more.

- See winning percentages, hand strengths, odds, outs needed, and more hand by hand. Run over 10,000 simulations per second on specific hands and determine the best plays to make in tough spots, likely hand outcomes, as well as important information on your opponents including Aggression Factor quotients, VP$IP stats, skill ratings, and more.

In conclusion

Using a HUD software is not optional these days. Most , if now all, of the other players at the tables are having one. If you play without one you are almost like playing with a portion of your skills. So level the field and get yourself a HUD today!