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    The days of wasting time and money by going to your local psychic's office are long over. Now everyone with internet access and a cell phone or a computer can get a high quality, instant and detailed cheap psychic reading or tarot reading online in minutes. Advances in technology are not always great but in this case they are welcome. A traditional reading has it's benefits but they fade in comparison to the over the phone or live chat version.
    Here are the main benefits of getting your reading online vs is a psychic's office:
  • It's more convenient - why drive for an hour, look and pay for parking and wait in line? No need indeed, do it all online from the comfort and security of your own home or office
  • It's usually much cheaper - talking to a psychic in their office usually come with a preset charge that is often $100 or more for 30 minutes. When you get your readings on the phone or by live chat you only pay for the time you actually interact with the medium and the price is per minute - about $3 to 6. Most questions can be answered and are taken care of in less than 10 minutes.
  • It is safer - we are in the crazy 2021 and the COVID-19 virus is still here. Going to a psychical office comes with certain health risk and this can be easily avoided when you get your cheap psychic reading experience online.
  • It is in general a better reading! Why you might ask? It's better if you pick the right medium. It's all in the reviews actually. If you go to a local establishment they will only have a handful of reviews left. With the online option you will see hundreds or even thousands. Read these reviews carefully and only than talk to the psychic you feel the most comfortable with.
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    Now please don't get me wrong - I'm not against the traditional psychic reading! Not at all. They have their place and usefulness and a in-person reading is what some people prefer. But the benefits of doing it online outweigh it by a mile. The folks who do there online readings can do everything the same or better than the traditionalists. You will find a great medium who specializes in what you are looking for at a fraction of the price. They can answer questions about things like:
  • Money problems
  • Relationship advice
  • Family issues
  • Past life
  • Loss and grieving
  • Career advice
  • Tarot readings
  • Numerology
  • Zodiac
  • Reiki
  • and MORE!
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Disclosure: For entertainment purposes only. All visitors must be 18 or older. The psychic reading is provided by Psychic Source - one of the most popular and trusted network. Some or all of the links here on this page are affiliated but that will not make your reading cost you anything extra - on the contrary, you will get a discounted introductory pricing and 3 free minutes.

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Angel Psychic Reading

Guides and Angels are around us to help assist and guide us with our lives. Who you are and what is presently happening in your life can be revealed . The format that I use in doing a psychic reading is a combination of cards (angel, tarot and chakra), clairsentience and claircognizance. This combination allows me to know messages that the angels wish to share. It also gives me a greater understanding of the situation surrounding the person requesting a reading. I classify readings as "spiritual counseling" as your angels and spiritual guides have messages for you in reference to what is happening within your life now. My readings focus very much on the present and on messages from your angels.

Sometimes issues which surround us presently are reflective of past hurt, pain and situations. Angels help bring light to our present situations and ways to help us resolve or deal with them. I believe that with the love and guidance from your Guides and Angels, and with the knowledge and understanding they offer... you will find peace. An angel psychic reading gives you insight and understanding of any situation in your life.

Love Psychic Readings

The last part of March found us with a tendency to make things more than what they are...mentally pushing the limits. So we ended the month and begin this month with the perfect time to broaden our horizons and learn new things about ourselves and/or others. This first week of April try to really LISTEN to the opinions your partner has and realize that they are just that.. doesn't mean you have to digest doesn't mean you are wrong if you don't agree with them. Instead of focusing on your differences concentrate on the sharing of like ideas and interests. Some of us will have a tendency for daydreaming at this time and a desire to fulfill our fantasies could overtake us.

You could be very sensitive at this time and want to indulge in sensual pleasures a romantic weekend is just the thing. If your partner is a bit distant with practical matters, just make a special candlelit dinner with some soft music and lots of floor pillows....a neck rub will go a long way. This is a great time for adventure and doing something different together. You feel at one with the world during this time and meditation, music, art, dance, photography, spiritual groups, travel and communing with nature offer moments of peace and tranquility.

You may also feel creative and intuitive, therefore it is a good time to explore and express the more artistic and spiritual side of your nature. The second week of April is filled with the Spirit of compromise and agreement, much harmonious interaction these days with real appreciation of the beauty around us. The conversation will flow in social gatherings and a lot of revolutionary ideas will surface. If you've been waiting for the right time to say something.

This is the week to do it! You can be very persuasive now there is Power in your words. This is the time for individual commitment and decision. The desire to make things happen, is very strong now. Take in the full picture, use your good judgement, think positive and DO IT! The third week of April will find most of us dealing with the practical side of our relationships...let's hope we took advantage of the previous this may get a little intense and the partnership/relationship may go on the back burner because of all that's going on in the practical world. This is a good time though for finding the solutions to most any problem, as your inventiveness is at its peak.

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So now that we all know what psychic reading and mediums are, how they work and what different types of readings are available let me introduce yours truly in a little more details.

My name is Gilda and will be your online psychic reader if you choose so. I have been doing psychics stuff and metaphysical work all my life. My friends and others in my field call me "the Psychic's Psychic." This is because at psychic fairs many of my clients have not been able to see me because my book was already pretty full with the other psychics coming for readings.

You receive Angelic guidance with your reading as I work with your guardian angels and other spirit guides to answer your questions. You will find that your Guides are very helpful and their greatest desire is to help you achieve a life filled with the joy. We create the future moment by moment and I can tell you what will happen. The great thing is that I can also tell you how to change the energy so there is a more positive outcome. This is a personal, one on one, live, Psychic Reading, not a psychic line. Find out what the future holds for you! Allow us to come into your personal space to guide you toward fulfillment. You can check out the testimonials and see what some of my clients have written. What opens the doorway to love and romance What do the stars have to say? Want to know what turns a Pisces or a Leo?

I don't know anyone who is not interested in love, romance or companionship so check out the LOVE BAROMETER and then check the individual "LoveScopes" for your Zodiac Sign. I'm sure everyone will find something of interest there! Angels and other "Beings of Light" (from Ascended Masters to Elementals) have always bridged our physical reality with their pure spiritual energy. As you trust and open your heart to them, they will pour out their blessings on you. They are real. They are a doorway to The Divine within yourself. I have worked with these lovely Beings for many years and am happy so share some insights of them and from them.

Let's dwell a little more on the topic - what is a "psychic reading"?

Psychic - what does it mean? this is a question asked by many people at some time in there lives. Am I psychic? is another question asked by most of us, again at some point in our lives. What many of us don’t realize is that there are lots of answers to these questions and that there are many types of psychic abilities. We have psychic, clairvoyance, medium ship, clairaudience and clairsentience to name a few of the techniques that some people use when giving a reading or consultation. Some readers use a combination of these techniques to help there clients.

My personal feeling is that we are all psychic to some degree, however the professionals or the people who do readings seem to be more aware and open to these energies. I feel with the right techniques and direction every one can awaken there own psychic abilities and intuition. At this point I would like to welcome you again here on my blog and tell you a bit about what I am going to create on this site. The intension is to create a web site with lots of information that will hopefully give you the answers or at least some of the answers to your questions about the meaning of being psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and what it means to be a medium.

The psychic reading web site will be interactive and every one will be able to comment on the psychic articles and also add your own articles that focus on the psychic world and its various modalities.

Why some folks end up NOT getting a psychic reading

Let's face it - some of the question you will be asking are very very personal and tough. Getting the answers to them might change your life - for good or for bad. So I've noticed that in some case guys and gals do have a fear when the call me or come to my office.

The main reason for not proceeding with a psychic reading is usually fear of the unknown, religious beliefs or the way we have been brought up in our families. To allay this fear, it is helpful to understand just what cheap psychics are. Psychic energy is spiritual energy, so the process involves making contact with the astral planes (worlds.) By employing psychic energy, one who is ‘tuned in’ is able to psychically see, hear or sense the astral planes, enabling this person to give what is known as a reading.

It may surprise you to know that we are all able to use the psychic energy that would allow us all to do readings. Unfortunately however, most adults have “shut down” this ability by allowing physical logic to intervene. Our conscious minds tell us that logically, it is impossible to contact people who have passed away, and so that is what we tend to believe.

However all children are able to employ their psychic senses quite easily and without question, that is before logic interferes. For example, how many small children have ‘invisible friends’ that they play with? The two usual psychic abilities used are clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairaudience (clear hearing.) The use of clairvoyance involves clearing one’s mind, tuning in to the astral planes and allowing visions and images etc. to flow in. Clairaudience is similar except instead of seeing images, voices and sounds are heard. There can, of course, be a combination of the two depending on the person tuning in. The most popular way for people not possessing developed psychic senses to get a reading by a psychic, is via a psychic reading or clairvoyant psychic. Mediums may offer their services in private individual sittings, group sittings or in Spiritual Churches.

If you attend an individual sitting, your mood and approach can have an influence on the reading. However skeptical you maybe, try to be open-minded, relaxed and let the psychic energies flow freely. If you have specific questions to ask, it is a good idea to jot them down on paper. Don’t ‘test’ the person carrying out the reading as this tends to block the energy flow. Make sure that you note the answers given. Some mediums and psychics tape the reading or allow you to do so. This enables you to have a record of the reading to listen to afterwards.

Group sittings sometimes use their combined psychic energies to enhance the medium’s energy to make strong contacts or carry out other work such as healing. Any contacts made during group sittings are obviously not private. Many people’s first experience with a psychic medium is often during a visit to a Spiritualist Church. Here, the medium can tune into somebody who has passed over who wishes to make contact with a member of the congregation. If the medium obtains a name, then that name will be spoken aloud and the congregation asked if anyone can identify with it.

Types of online psychic mediums

There are various types of mental online psychic mediums such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, three of the most well known techniques that psychic mediums use to do the psychic reading. However there are several more techniques and gifts that are used by mediums that are listed below.

• Clairvoyance (clear seeing). Some mediums see animals, people, objects and angels in spirit form in there minds eye. Psychic mediums often refer to having a spirit guide or guides, who help and give them information to give to the client.

• Clairsentience (clear sensing). This a gift of sensitive feeling of energies or having a sense of angels or some one in spirit around them or the person they are doing a psychic reading for. A psychic medium with this gift tends to feel rather than actually see.

• Clairaudience (clear hearing). This is the gift of hearing voices from the world of spirit. This often manifests in to different ways to the psychic medium. Some hear the voice within there heads, others hear the voices out side there heads like they are listening to a person talking to them. Of course the client can not hear all this.

• Clairalience (clear smelling). Some psychic mediums can smell pipe, cigarette smoke or the odor of the person in spirit.

• Claircognizant (clear knowing). This is the gift of simply knowing that something is correct without any doubt. This can be about a person or situation, its just a clear feeling of absolute and total knowing.

• Clairambience (clear tasting). The psychic medium can taste the what the person in spirit liked to eat and drink. This is often given by spirit to give confirmation to the to the client If you think you have some of these gifts and would like to train to be a psychic medium, you should sit in a development circle which is led by a experienced and professional medium. One of the best ways to find a psychic reading circle is to go to a Spiritualist Church and ask the members there to point you in the direction of some one who is running a circle.

In Conclusion

Getting a good, yet cheap psychic reading is within reach! You just need to be a new member of the site and buy a qualifying plan, that's it. The reading is provided by the gifted and thoroughly vetted psychics at Psychic Source. All new to the service users can enjoy a reading for less than $1 per minute with promo code 25006.

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