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The importance of employing a diversified crewing strategy

The shortage of competent crew in combination with the challenging times we are now experiencing makes it more critical than ever for shipping companies to have a proper strategy in place on how to ensure the intake and retention of seafarer talent.

In this seminar we will discuss the challenges of today and the future and how to manage these

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Wednesday 8th of June 2022 16:45 – 18:30
Posidonia Seminar Room 1A

16:45 - Welcome
Henrik Jensen, Managing Director, Danica Crewing Specialists

16:50 - The crewing crisis is here: what next?
Peter Jarvsoo, Managing Director and partner, Danica Crewing Specialists Baltics

The Covid-19 pandemic and the recent crisis in Ukraine have presented a variety of challenges for the crew supply sector. And the situation is compounded by a prediction by the ICS of a seafarer shortage by 2024, with wage rises anticipated to follow. How severe will the difficulties be and what should the industry do next?

17:10 - Why a versatile crewing strategy is necessary
Henrik Jensen, Managing Director, Danica Crewing Specialists

Choosing the right, well-qualified and experienced seafarers of all ranks, particularly officers, is a challenge facing the industry. With its network of offices across major seafarer hubs, Danica has access to a pool of more than 100,000 officers and regularly overcomes global crew supply issues to ensure crewing requirements are met.Henrik Jensen outlines the principle crew supply areas, examines their crew supply potential, and discusses how a versatile crewing strategy benefits the planning and recruitment process.

17:30- Panel discussion: How to choose the right people for seagoing roles
Panel: Henrik Jensen; Peter Jarvsoo; Dimitris Liolios; Angeliki Belia, Crewing Manager, New Port S.A. Moderator: Sean Moloney

Shipping is a challenging career and the smooth operation of ships requires a confident and competent team. The panel will discuss the requirements of a successful recruitment and retention strategy, consider the importance of having a robust crew screening process, and analyse how best to ensure crew competencies meet role requirements.

18:00 - QA and refreshments

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