The YPB Little Black Dress Project will get you moving better, feeling better, and aging actively in just four weeks!

April 5-May 2


Join us now to bust your distaste for exercise while revolutionizing how you move, how you eat and how you feel on every level!

Every year you think, “This is the year I’m going to get back in shape and feel confident moving better, feeling better and looking better.” And, yet, you don’t quite get there.

No worries. This year, we’ve got you covered. NOW is the time to refocus back on you. Let us help you get back into that little black dress!

The YPB Little Black Dress Project will get you moving better, feeling better, and aging actively in just four weeks!

This Project is a functional fitness program scientifically designed to bust your distaste for exercise while revolutionizing how you move, how you eat and how you feel on every level.

Commit to these 3 easy steps and you can feel confident going sleeveless this summer!


Set Specific, Relevant and Attainable Goals

We will help you set specific, relevant and attainable goals with a deadline; which will give you laser-like focus to reach your goals and keep you motivated by the remarkable progress you make.

We’ll also help you figure out your “Big Why” so that you align your reasons for staying physically active with what matters to you. Your “Big Why” will keep you motivated better than pithy quotes.


Commit to 3 Training Sessions a Week

We specialize in 30 min. small group personal training (4-8 clients maximum). You get expert and individualized attention from a Certified Functional Aging Specialist, while enjoying the camaraderie of other people just like you.

Functional fitness training is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to build muscle, strengthen the core, and burn fat – at any age.


Follow Our Simple & Customizable

Nutrition Plan

Who says healthy eating has to be confusing or tasteless?

These meals can be prepped in just minutes, they are convenient, easy to make, affordable and will prove to you that healthy eating can be delicious as well as nutritious. In addition to losing a few pounds, you’ll really start to feel better and have much more energy.

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What Makes this Program So Different?

Hi, we are Lisa Grace Wright, and Juan Guerrero, co-owners of Your Personal Best Training Studio. With over 27 years of collective experience, our team of certified functional aging specialists are passionately committed to working together, focusing our knowledge, expertise, and innovation on each individual client so they may attain their best years yet. Because we made the additional investment of becoming certified Functional Aging Specialists, we are among the most elite authority experts on aging and fitness in all of South Texas.

It's our mission to help people just like you who want to start an exercise program specifically designed for people over 50 so they can have more energy, feel better, and live a more active life.

Since we put so much emphasis on coaching you through the process with the support and accountability you've been missing in the past, it is nearly impossible for you to fail.

All you need to do is commit to the next 4 weeks, take action on what we teach you, and by the end of this program, you won't even recognize yourself......

YES, it's really that easy!

What's included with the 4-Week Challenge?

  • Three 30-minute Personalized Small Group Training Sessions per Week - for 4 weeks. With only 4-8 clients in a group and many session times to choose from, it's easy to make the time for your workouts.
  • The Option to Workout Online or In the Studio in accordance with CDC guidelines, and no additional membership fees.
  • Goal Setting Orientation to make sure your program matches your goals.
  • Pre & Post Body Composition and Fitness Analysis to identify any mobility or stability issues that we need to address and prevent injuries and for body metrics if this is important to you.
  • Nutritional Guide and Recipes to help you on the road to eating well and getting healthy.
  • Online Coaching App to hold you accountable to eating right. It's like having us in your back pocket.
  • Support & Accountability from the YPB Team that will help you keep the motivation you will need to make this program a success.
  • Copy of our book Your Personal Best: The Expert Guide on Aging and Fitness

Imagine that 28 days from now you could be more energetic, stronger, and confident than you have been in years!

Or you can continue to struggle with your lack of vitality…constantly frustrated with the way you move and feel.

The choice is yours!

You Can Achieve Your Goals! Don’t Wait Another Minute!