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The price list - your business card and a guide for your clients

Who knows your business better than you? Who has the answers to every question your client may ask? And who sets the prices? You of course! But sometimes your customers ask you questions that are totally detached from reality. They ask for favours that seem to be comical. And situations like this are not single ones but they repeat. So, what can be a better way to handle these than to send your customer to the magical thing called the PRICE LIST!

With a properly made price list, it is easier to organise work at your salon, avoid an awkward situation or refuse the client’s strange request. See how can you divide and organise your business services to present them in the form of a price list. Use the ideas for your advantage.

This set of graphics is perfect for:



lash technicians

nail technicians

massage therapists

PMU artists


make-up artists

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