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Coach Monica

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Certified Life Coach

Coach Darcy

Certified Keto Coach

Certified Life Coach

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Certified Keto Coach

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It all started in 2017...

Let's start at the beginning!

June 12, 2017, Monica Boyer was sitting at the table with her family. Her newly engaged son asked the question that would change her world. He asked her if the family could go with them to Cedar Point. Monica's world stopped dead in it's tracks. You see, a movie played out in her head...

A movie at the amusement park. Waiting in line for the roller coaster and a young man at the front of the line telling her she was too big to get on the ride. She weighed 250 pounds and was overcome with anxiety and depression. That moment changed everything. She knew she had to do something. So she did. She lost 120 pounds and founded one of the most successful coaching practices in the United States!

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Coaching Packages


Keto Kickstart *Signature Program

Three Month Coaching

Six Month Coaching

8 wk ONE-ON-ONE coaching Direct access to Coach. Drop weight quickly! Jumpstart your Keto journey with help from a coach!

**Average client loses 25 lbs with this package.

12 wk ONE-ON-ONE --Direct access to Coach. Do you get to a certain point on your health journey and QUIT?

*Do you have about 40 pounds to lose?

6 Months ONE-ON-ONE -- Direct access to Coach. Lose weight and sustain it with this package! Accountability through the busy seasons of life!

*Average client loses about 60 pounds with this package

What do I do next?

It's so easy! Now that you have decided to change your life, here are the next steps! Each one of our clients has individual needs and individual budgets. We have a package and personality for each person! So here is what's next for you!

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Our coaches have different personalities mixed with the Ketomom Coaching Method. It's perfection!

What is your budget? How long do you need accountability? We have a package for all needs!

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Coach Monica

Coach Monica has several programs that might suit you. Set up a call to talk about which one you need!

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Coach Darcy is ready to start your program! Set up a time to chat and see which program you need!

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Coach Darcy

Coach Brandi is ready to set up a time to discuss which program best suits your individual needs!

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Coach Brandi