The X’zuit
custom FIA Suit

Customise your suit to make it a one-of-a-kind centerpiece of your race team’s brand.

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The X’Z custom FIA Compliant Race Suit

This race suit is made of Fire Retardant Lightweight Material in compliance with FIA regulation, designed to keep you safe and comfortable behind the wheel. It is tailored to your unique body type (utilize our smart body measurement app to quickly and accurately capture and share your body measurements with us). Customise your suit to make it a one-of-a-kind centerpiece of your race team’s brand.

Don’t have a design yet? No problem. Our design team will be happy to connect with you via email, instant messaging, or video call and guide you through the process of bringing your suit design ideas to life.



For superior comfort and mobility

We give you unparalleled freedom and control over your suit's design. Add your original graphics, sponsor and team logos in sublimation print


Stretch Lower Back Panel, Crotch & Inseam

Fire Retardant Lightweight Material in compliance with the FIA regulation

Keeps you light and protected

Lowered Collar Design

Giving you zero distraction in the neck area

Print & Embroidery Compatible Fabric

The perfect canvas for brilliant colors and highly detailed graphics

Nascar Cuffs/ Ribbed Cuffs Options

2 classic looks you can’t go wrong with

Custom Fit

Feel great in a suit custom tailored to your body shape

Moisture Wicking Inner Lining

Soft and comfortable and keeps you dry


Order with ease and certainty

Our team of professionals is easily accessible to answer all your questions, with the product team dedicated to creating a design and fit that are just right for you

Send us all of your sponsor logos and avoid stressing about organizing logo patches for a ready-to-wear suit

Simplify the sponsor logo process

A team’s image is important - build your brand and catch the attention of your fans and potential sponsors with a unique suit design

Give your team a fresh look and a new level of professionalism

The X’zuit team are brilliant. They are easy to deal with through emails with clear and concise instructions and excellent communication through the design and approval process. Best of all, the result is stunning, and the quality of my race suit and team shirts is outstanding. Their after-sales service has also been fantastic… 10/10.

Dean B.


I have been lucky enough to use X’zuit suits throughout my entire career. X’zuit has always produced me amazing suits that provide extreme comfort whilst looking top notch. X’zuit's large range of suits, speedy production, comfortability, sizing, and fully customisable designs makes them the perfect option when ordering your next suit.

Oscar T.

X‘zuit can create the designs just as I’ve imagined them, with the quality higher than expected. Furthermore, their prices are very reasonable, and I‘m satisfied with their fast lead times. I‘m glad to have found X‘zuit!

Shota O.