No doubt sexting is super popular now. There are plenty of free online sexting sites and apps available and here we will introduce you the top ones. Sending and receiving nudes, adult texts and short videos is the new way to satisfy your NSFW needs. For the few that don't know what sexting is - it is the act for swapping naked pics or messages with a person who you know IRL (In Real Life) or with total strangers. We are not going to cover the former, this site is all about finding open-minded people to exchange nudes online via a site or an app. You can be sexting with a hot babe in just a few minutes! It's that easy:)

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Sexting is hot and if done right - very satisfying! This is in fact a very safe and reliable way to engage in sexual activities with girls and guys you don't really know. Let's be honest, there are plenty of sexting and dating sites that are full with bots and "catfish" type of people. Not on here, this is the safest, cleanest and horniest place to exchange nudes and naughty sexts! What we have in stock is an amazing site to sext, exchange photos and even hook up if you get a little lucky!

These guys and especially girls are here for the same thing as you - to have some adult fun. They are what you can say "in the mood for action". This is why this online sexting site is so easy to use and so easy to find the right person to sext with. And the best part (or one of the best parts considering how good it is overall) is the fact that it is absolutely free. That's right sexting for absolutely free for all members, forever! You won't even need a credit card or other payment methods like others require you to do. Just sign up with you email and start rocking.

This is by far the quickest free sexting site to find a new partner to sext with. The database is so huge and well maintained - all inactive profiles are removed after 30 days - that you will not be wasting any time to scroll thought dozens of members who haven't been online in ages. Here you will find at least 100 girls ready to sext at any given time. There are regular people to chat with and also what you can call "professional texters". And the fun doesn't stop here - if you get bored exchange nudes you can also enjoy the live streams, chat rooms and live video action.

Another great feature of this free sexting site is the complete anonymity you get to use. All you need is a screen name and that's about it. You don't have to login with your Facebook or other social media accounts like other sites make you. Nope! All anonymous, safe and secure. The Facebook and Google login thing is a big issue - first they might track you somehow and who wants that, and second - what if your account gets hacked or compromised in any other way? This is why having to use only your email is the best option for total privacy and security. Once you verify your account via email this is all the info needed to start having a good time.

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It is important to make the following distinction. Here on these free sexting websites we are talking about the act of sexting done between 2 or more adult 18 years or older who are willingly in the act to exchange nudes and other media. Minors are not allowed so are unwanted, unsolicited texts. This site right here is a messaging platform where users come to express their sexual fantasies strangers online. It’s an adult matching site that pairs same-minded sexters with each other. This is strictly for free sexting and online hookups and if you happen to live close by - maybe a date and a hookup!

This is made extremely clear when you visit the homepage. “No bots, no long dates, and no spending lots of money, or any money at all actually" is the moto. The site was made for folks who don't want to hide their desire to exchange nudes with strangers. To join you will need to answer just 5 basic question. Nothing too personal. These are just so you will be paired with the best possible guy or girl to sext with and they are just the way to like them.

Once you join we will be surprised if you haven't heard of this free sexting site already. It is one of the most popular and visited sites on the whole Internet currently. There are plenty of different message boards where people chat about all kinds of stuff, most is 100% NSFW so be prepared. The main topics are of course to exchange nudes and sexting. But you find other topics too, just not that many.

There are plenty of boards to pick from : MILF and other mature women related, LGBTQ rooms, forum for sexting with Asian babes, Latinas and other types. Don't forget to mention - sext with girls with small boobs, or big boobs, skinny and BBW girls. Pretty much any type is covered and represented well. You can be swapping sexts in no time with exactly the type of babes you dream of in no time. It is a great feature that you can start a sexy chat in the public room and quickly switch to private, one on one sessions.

The research and user testimonials we have shows that on average you will be matched and ready to go with a babe of your liking in less than 3 minutes. Yes, just 3 minutes! It is good to know also that this site is made very user-friendly. Anybody with basic computer skills can be signed up and sexting with a hottie in no time. The site is made clear and intuitive. Whatever you are looking for is just a few clicks away. You cans search for babes by multiple criteria. Or can join one if the message boards or even create you very own one and see who will come and visit you for a naughty NSFW conversation!

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Some guys think when a website is really free they will be bombarded with ads and other crazy stuff. Not the case here! You barely see any advertisements if at all. So no distractions and only high quality people to exchange nudes and sexting and maybe if you are living close by - a real hooking up! It is all concentrated one thing and one thing only - find a lady to swap sext messages with in no time. This is a free application made specifically and only for free sexting. Now of course there are some real-life hookups that did follow but the main purpose is very clear. Sending naughty, sexually explicit messages, exchange nudes, videos or images is all there is here.

This site have taken the features of a dating website and applied them to the best sexting sites and apps. The completely removes the question" Is she willing to sext me?" out of the equation. All the babes on the site are here for one thing and one thing only. You don't have to wonder is she is willing to see your nudes. Yes, she is. They all are indeed. And in return be ready to see hers. That's how it works. There are all regular people here, normal users, not professional porn stars or other sex workers. Just normal girls - the "girl next door" type who want to have some fun. They are always eager to flirt thought the messages and if you happen to live near by maybe for a real meetup and maybe more. This is a free app to exchange nudes that a ton of people swear by. If you want to find a sexting friend that could also be a hookup friend, this is the app for you. You will NOT find yourself wasting time on people who aren’t in the mood to sext with you. Not many people here are looking for a relationship or any long-term commitment. Exchange some naked pics, some raunchy texts, have a little wank and that's all. It's like going to a virtual, online sex party - get what you need and get back to your life.

For the online security minded folks please be informed that the messages here are encrypted. Everything is well secured and user safety is top priority. Sexting, exchange nudes and NSFW texts are risky so privacy is a top priority. Like other messaging applications, utilizes end-to-end encryption for all types of messages (text, video, photos, and live streaming). It provides a secure way to exchange private messages with someone who you already know or just meet online in here. You also get screenshot protection - meaning the other member can't make a screen shot of your nudes and use them somewhere else on the internet. You can also easily erase older chats, block people or block by IP address or by country. This is a cool thing to use in a scenario where you don't want to be accidentally match with somebody from your home town and don't want a friend to find you by mistake on the app. If you don't want that just block all users with let's say USA IPs and sext with folks from Europe for example.

Sexting Tips

Even though when you sext you are much safer and secure than with in person dating there are still some thing one need to do to be better protected.

1) Ask and Give Consent - this is the big one! Sexting is only OK between 2 or more adult who have consent to do so.

2) Be creative - you will have plenty of visual stimulation (nudes from your partners, wink) so start telling them what you want to do to them. And what they can do to you. Don't hold back, as posted a few times in the post this is a free sexting site and as such people do come here to play. And sometimes they play really hard. This brings us to the next point:

3) Know your limits - if you are new to this type of things you will probably find out soon enough what you are comfortable with and what not. If you have a good, understanding partner tell them from the start what you like and what you don't. It will put clear boundaries and your online relationship and will save you time in case you are matched with a partner who is not open to certain things.

4) Get Your Nudes Ready - that's right, we are here to sext and yes the other members want to see what you got! So if you don't have any naked photos grab your phone or camera and make some. Boobs, ass, dicks, thighs - anything you feel comfortable with should be on them pics. More pics mean more chances others to notice you and start a conversation. Or if you are the one engaging having more pictures might lead to more online sexting with more babes.

5) Do not give out any, and we mean any, personal information - for your sake and safety, just don't, it's that simple. Unless you are having a prolong texting relationship with a user and with time you've build up some trust. In this case it is still pretty risky to reveal your real name or address but still sharing some other personal details might be alright.

To Summarize

Having cybersex A.K.A "sexting" is super hot. If you are a consensual adult and want to exchange nudes, raunchy texts and videos this is the site to do so. Using online sexting sites is much safer than dating. It can be just as hot and satisfying if done done and with the right people. Always be careful and smart about your privacy. Know your limits and what you are willing to share and what not. Always use a trusted website or an app, the best ones have multilayer encryption and other safety features.

2257 Statement: All models featured here were at least 18 years of age at time of content creation.

    Here are some other pretty great sexting apps to exchange nudes you probably have heard of:
  • Tinder
  • Snapchat
  • Plenty Of Fish
  • KIK
  • Skibbel
  • Zoosk
  • Fap Chat
  • BeNaughty

These are OK but by has certain limitations which this online sexting site covers much better. And because these are probably too popular the number of bots and fake profiles is staggering. Too many guys I know have been cat fished and lost time and money with fakes. So to be safe and have a good time - stick to the best free sexting website to exchange nudes right here!