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Meloman travel

Meloman travel is a subsidiary company of the Meloman group. We offer different types of living: recreation centers, chalets and villas, which were originally built for the holidays and corporate events of the company's employees. We have recently developed several routes, so you can visit these incredible places and enjoy the nature of Kazakhstan.

We are happy to organize a trip to Kazak Altai for you and try to make your vacation as comfortable and memorable as possible!

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Our reputation is very important for us so we guarantee complete safety in our living homes, and on the routes with our guides.



Comfortable living conditions for our guests in our houses, tidiness and comfort are the absolute priority of our company.



We are trusted by famous, public figures, and we honor the secrets of private life. With us you can relax and feel safe.

Rocky Hills tour

2 days + 1 night.


Ust-Kamenogorsk (Locks)

House "Sunrise Rocky"

Beach "Sunrise Sandy"

The village of Oktyabrsk


Way to travel

Motor ship "Furmanov" + car

Possible number of people in a group

From 3 to 10

Day one

7:00 Ablaketka pier

12:00 Locks

14:00 Stop by the coast, lunch

17:00 Arrival at "Sunrise Rocky"

Day two

9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Departure to the beach "Sunrise Sandy"

15:00 Departure to the village "Oktyabrsky"

16:00 Departure to "Ust-Kamenogorsk"

The summer season starts on June 10. You can book now via phone +7 702 210-86-28

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Altai Treasures - big tour

8 days + 8 nights


"Residence Sunrise Bay"

"Sunrise Rocky"

"Sunrise Sandy"

"Sunrise Rahmana" with. "Korobiha" ("Maralnik")

river Kara-Koba

"Residence Sunrise Bay"

Way to travel

Motor ship "Furmanov" + car

Possible number of people in a group

From 3 to 10

Day 1

Meeting at the airport of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Arrival at the "Sunrise Bay" residence

11:30-14:00 coffee break (route explanation)

14:00 lunch

15:00 departure to the city, sightseeing

20:00 dinner, free time

Day 2

5:00 departure from the residence "Sunrise Bay" by the motor ship "Furmanov"

9:30 breakfast on the boat

13:00 Locks

14:30 Lunch

18:00 Arrival at the recreation center "Sunrise Skalisty"

19:00 Dinner

Day 3

9:00 Breakfast

12:00 Boat trip to the sandy beach

14:00 Lunch on the beach

15:00 Free program (swimming, water skiing, etc.)

20:00 Dinner

Day 4

9:00 Departure

14:00 Lunch on the road

15:00 Arrival at Rakhmani lake

18:00 Free time

19:00 Dinner

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Day 5


Day 6

9:00 Departure to the health center "Zhanat"

14:00 Lunch

15: 00-18: 00 Free time

19:00 Dinner

Day 7

9:00 Departure to "Kara Koba"

14:00 Lunch near the fireplace

15:00 free time, transfer to Markakol lake

20:00 Campfire dinner

Day 8

9:00 Departure to the residence "Sunrise Bay"

14:00 Lunch at the residence

16:00 Summing up the trip

19:00 Dinner. Gifts from Meloman Travel

The summer season starts on June 10. You can book now via phone +7 702 210-86-28

Weekend tour

to Bukhtarma Hydroelectric station



Bukhtarma gateway


Way to travel

Motor ship "Furmanov"

Possible number of people in a group

From 3 to 10


7:00 Ablaketka pier

12:00 Approach to Bukhtarma hydropower station

14:00 Stop by the coast, lunch

18:00 Arrival at the Ablaketka pier

The summer season starts on June 10. You can book now via phone +7 702 210-86-28

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Sunrise Bay. A quiet recreation base , located in a beautiful place on the banks of the Irtysh River, just a 20-minute drive from the center of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Two houses

Swimming pool and sauna

Football field and basketball court

Pool room

Studio with musical instruments

Water activities

Our recreation centers

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Sunrise Rahmany. Located in the heart of Altai, at an altitude of 1760 m above sea level, surrounded by the cleanest lakes. Sunrise Rahmani chalet is a base point for ecotourism in Altai. We offer a big comfortable house in a private area. Altai’s old cedars grow there, and that’s where the trekking route begins, leading you to the pass Raduzhny, from which opens a gorgeous view on the Mountain Belukha, the highest peak of Altai mountains.

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Sunrise Sandy Wild Beach. Private isolated beach on the coast of the Bukhtarma Sea. The cleanest sandy beach, an ideal place for a family holiday. On the beach there are two trailers with sleeping places and hot water and a detached house with a kitchen, toilet and shower.

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Sunrise Rocky Hills. A unique recreation center with a separate location on the shores of the Bukhtarma sea. Terrace with a magnificent panoramic view on the Bukhtarma sea.

Three houses

Private beach

Football field

Table tennis

Boats and Jet ski

Water activities

Reviews of our guests

“It was an amazing weekend. Big thanks to our organizers and the nature of the incredible Altai”

A wonderful quiet place on the bank of the Ust-Kamenogorsk river. Great place at any time of the year.



Celebrated my birthday with colleagues. Amazing place. Outside the city, it is very confidential.

There is an interesting music room in the basement :). Those who like to play would probably have used a lot of instruments.


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