Grow Your Business Podcast

Presented by

Circle270Media Podcast Consultants and WWCD CD 92.9FM

September 28th


Let's Get Your Business Podcast On Track!

You and your team will learn tips and insights about creating and marketing your business podcast

Each short 20-minute session is presented by professionals who are podcasters and work with podcasters.

Learn how to focus on the ‘why’ you’re podcasting, not on the ‘how’ to podcast.

Meet Our Presenters

Professionals who know podcasting

Brett Johnson

Known as My Podcast Guy, and owner of Circle270Media Podcast Consultants.

Don "The Idea Guy"

He rescues those in need of innovative ideas.

Yasmine Robles

Owner of Robles Designs, she is an expert web designer, driven to help you grow your business and business podcast.

Tonnisha J. English-Amamoo

Owner of TJE Communications, a boutique digital marketing agency helping small businesses level the playing field through digital marketing solutions.

John Remy

In addition to a deep knowledge of both media and marketing communications, John has years of on-mic and on-camera experience.


Grow Your Business Podcast is about you and your business.

If Not Now, When?

Learn how to focus on the ‘why’ you’re podcasting, not on the ‘how’ to podcast

Following the session, The Big Room will be the place to network and ask more questions during our infamous Beerstorming Session.

Why are podcast websites so important?


What makes your podcast unique on social media?


Has your business considered podcasting?

Or is your current business podcast not growing your brand?

Why should your choice of podcast equipment be the LAST thing you need to consider?


What do experienced podcasters wish they would have known earlier?


Who will benefit from Grow Your Business Podcast?

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The session is Wednesday, September 28th from 4p-6p

The Big Room at CD92.9

1036 S. Front St. Columbus, OH 43206