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Access to an all-in-one booking site. Search, find and move into safe and verified housing options around your campus and internship site.

Safe and easy-to-use booking platform with fully-vetted landlords and hosts around your campus or internship site for online booking.

No more confusing, unsafe and broken links to Craigslist or other unverified vendors. No more paper ads.

Pre-loaded with key information

Custom domain:

Resource page for students

Your branding and messaging

Customized & Co-Branded:

We tailor an online booking platform to your needs.

Verified Housing Options:

Give your students options to choose from.

Rooms, apartments, residences & more

Room providers go through vetting

Instantly Bookable and on-request

Most listings are within 25 miles


Access to dashboard with tracking & analytics

Monitor your progress

Improve your housing operations

Access student & booking information

Promote collaboration with your team

Booking Portal:

Cloud-based, off-campus housing portal.

Through a secured booking portal

Saves students tons of time and headache

Student view and book listings online

Scam free and secured payment system

Experience Efficiency with Off-Campus Housing Portal

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Outsource all aspects of off-campus housing operations. Improve students housing experience.

Everyone wins

Statistically students spend x time to find a place to stay. With 4stay, you reduce that to x time.

Save Tons Time

Increase Enrolment

Happy Students

Having an outsourced off-campus housing partner means that you can focused on bringing more students.

Having students basic needs taken care of contributes to their academic performance.

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Over 500 Universities, colleges and schools use 4stay off-campus housing portal

their favorite and verified stays

Your Students Enjoy

in all major cities around United States and Canada

Hear from our clients

4stay’s housing platform ensures students have various off-campus housing options to choose from according to their budget, distance to campus and stay preferences. It's a relief for us that 4stay takes care of all the student housing process, so we can focus on enrollment, and student academic success.

Andrea Ford

Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the University of the Potomac

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