As for Camp Reset, get ready for an entirely unique and interactive online camp! We have created a new experience we hope you’ll love! Featuring a fun 80’s theme, our beloved camp will whisk us back to a time of carefree fun we’re probably all craving. Get ready for games, movie nights and fun LIVE events, with lots of crafting sessions thrown in.

The Adventure begins before Camp Starts!

We’re rolling out a special workshop BEFORE Camp starts so you can focus on a one-of-a-kind craft project at your own pace! Upon purchasing your Camp ticket, you have immediate access.

A Mini Me can be a miniature version of you, helping you document your adventures OR she can be a character straight out of your own imagination. This is a completely unique way to document moments in your life, and one I truly love. I will share with you my own photos I started taking 10 years ago, and how it became my favorite way to document moments. I will share my best photo and editing tips with you so can feel more confident as a photographer, using just a simple mobile phone. You can choose your own adventure and create a customized Mini Me or you can purchase one for a shortcut option.

In a series of workshop classes you will have instant access too upon purchase, I will take you step by step through the process of creating a ‘Mini Me’, a sweet and creative way to document the ordinary and extraordinary moments of your life. With our fun prompts and ideas, you just may get hooked on storytelling this way!

This year you are getting early access to most of your classes, giving you time to create the Mini Me project you'll be taking to camp. This will allow you to work at your own pace and allow more time for gathering workshop supplies.

Workshops are broken into sessions for:

  • Introducing the Mini Me concept and how much fun it can be! If you hate taking selfies and posing in photos, you are gonna LOVE this!
  • Crafting Your Mini Me with paint, stickers and finding fun accessories and props for storytelling.

After sign up, paid attendees will receive immediate access to The Mini Me Adventure Workshop and you'll have access to those classes through 10.30.21.*

During Camp Reset 2021

We will continue the fun during camp with LIVE craft sessions and classes as we learn to put a mini junk journal together! This fun project is designed to showcase the photos of your adventures with interesting layouts, using up your stash and making a one of a kind book you will love!

  • Documenting and taking awesome photos of your Mini Me Adventure using your mobile phone and an easy peasy editing app.
  • NOTE: During Camp I will be hosting additional LIVE workshop classes and fun gatherings where we'll create little junk journals featuring our photos and supplies from our stash!

Camp Reset 2021 is an interactive, online experience where you will join in fun LIVE events, crafting with fellow campers and working on your Mini Me Adventure as a community. All campers will be whisked away to beautiful Lake Reset where we have created a one-of-a-kind experience just for you. You will be able to join any of the themed “cabins” we have created, meet new friends and get inspired. We are planning LIVES ON WEEKENDS ONLY so we can keep the pace super enjoyable for all!

We will continue the Mini Me Adventure with LIVE Crafting Sessions where you’ll learn to create a junk journal to showcase all the photos you have taken and the adventure you went on with your Mini Me.

Camp Reset 2021 opens on 9.3.21 and ends 9.26.21. LIVEs will be held on weekends only and weekdays will be for finishing up any workshops, bonding with your sisters in your cabins and exploring all of the areas of camp!

After sign up, paid attendees will receive immediate access to The Mini Me Adventure Workshop.

  • Confident crafter or tentative newbie who is dipping her toe into the creative pool.
  • Those who work full-time, part-time or are blissfully retired.
  • Stay at home mom, single mom superhero, or childless.
  • Married or single peeps.

This is also a fantastic way to have a really great project to do with your kids, grandkids or family. You can all make Mini Me's together and go on adventures with them!

"I have participated in Camp every year Cori has offered this!!! I LOVE it!!! I always learn so much and have so much fun participating in all the fun activities! Movie night is one of my favorite things to do as well and chatting with everyone in the chat room. Cori goes above and beyond to make this Camp experience so wonderful for everyone that participates in it!!! Can't wait for this year!!! I really need it!!" - Roxann

"Without fail, Camp has sparked my creativity in new ways every year! I've enjoyed the projects and the encouragement to try something new. This upcoming Camp will be my 5th year! I love looking back on the projects we've made and the memories. More than anything, I look forward to and love the time we spend together as a community. I especially love that I'm able to show my girls that having fun and finding time to play is important and that growing up isn't all that boring after all. Being given the space and time to go back to the good ole days of summer camp is a true joy!" - Kelli

"If you never got a chance to experience camp when you were young, this is the place to be! You hear a lot of people having fun, well you will feel the love and the connection for a life time. How do I know? I was that person last year, never went and have friends for a life time! CAMP CAMP come and join CAMP!!!" - Rebecca

"Camp has become a guidepost for my summer. It's been a blessing to connect with like-minded women while learning to flex our creativity muscle. It's been also been a blessing to talk and be silly. It's a sweet spot in the summer time!" - Vanessa

"I love seeing everyone's creativity in camp. Playing silly games in the cabins makes us all feel like kids again. I think my favorite thing so far though has always been "mask night" where everyone does their facial masks. The first one was the best. I laughed so hard. There was also that really fun chapel live where "smoting" was born. It is so much fun just to be able to relax and laugh with other people from all over the world. It is nice to let go of all the "troubles" of these days and be a kid again for just a little while." - Lee

"I've been attending Camp since the beginning, I believe. It is a time of great refreshing for me. I look forward to it through the deep snows of winter and the frenzied gardening season of spring. The content is always special. We enjoy the challenges, movie night, crafting together and especially the chatty girlfriend time. It's an incredibly fun experience. Take the plunge and join us for this years event. You don't want to miss it!! " - Arlynn

*You'll have an option to purchase all of the classes for an additional year after camp ends.

This is my favorite CAMP experience I've ever put together and I truly hope you love it! It's definitely close to my heart and I hope it's your favorite too!