A Mini Me can be a miniature version of you, helping you document your adventures OR she can be a character straight out of your own imagination. This is a completely unique way to document moments in your life, and one I truly love. I will share with you my own photos I started taking 10 years ago, and how it became my favorite way to document moments. I will share my best photo and editing tips with you so can feel more confident as a photographer, using just a simple mobile phone. You can choose your own adventure and create a customized Mini Me or you can purchase one for a shortcut option.

In a series of workshop classes you will have instant access too upon purchase, I will take you step by step through the process of creating a ‘Mini Me’, a sweet and creative way to document the ordinary and extraordinary moments of your life. With our fun prompts and ideas, you just may get hooked on storytelling this way!

Workshops are broken into sessions for:

  • Introducing the Mini Me concept and how much fun it can be! If you hate taking selfies and posing in photos, you are gonna LOVE this!
  • Crafting Your Mini Me with paint, stickers and washi...plus finding fun accessories and props for storytelling.
  • Documenting and taking awesome photos of your Mini Me Adventure using your mobile phone and an easy peasy editing app.
  • Confident crafter or tentative newbie who is dipping her toe into the creative pool.
  • Those who work full-time, part-time or are blissfully retired.
  • Stay at home mom, single mom superhero, or childless.
  • Married or single peeps.

This is also a fantastic way to have a really great project to do with your kids, grandkids or family. You can all make Mini Me's together and go on adventures with them!

This is my favorite experience I've ever put together and I truly hope you love it! It's definitely close to my heart and I hope it's your favorite too!